It’s My Life! – A short film

It took a total of 5 hours to write, shoot and edit. The cost was a mere few dollars, the main expense bing a takeout meal for the family. The end product, a just-over-three minute short film in the style of ‘look who’s talking’ staring my own son, Lucas. It’s not the most amazing piece of art nor cinematically brilliant.Rather, it’s a simple and slightly amusing take on the life of the family’s youngest member. Half parody – half family diary, but something I am sure Lucas will look back on in later years with amusement.

What is all this for? The Onewhero film competition is running their first event in film-making. They have a very quaint theatre in their town centre (community would be a better word- Onewhero is far from being a town). The red carpet event is still 2 months away, but given that I was on holiday and the timing was right, I did the whole thing in an evening.

I can’t show the film here until after the first screening, but I’ll be sure to get photos from the screening as well as post the short the following day.


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