Moving ahead…

I always need a project to think about, even if I am not actually working on it. Left to my own affairs, I tend to stagnate and waste my time on unproductive, non-creative vaccums…


So, with my second (fully completed) project under the belt, where to from here?

There is always the ongoing horror-short “The Bag” which I have even semi-storyboarded. It's a fairly tight script with a minimal cast and crew.The whole thing could be filmed in a day with no more than 4 people involved.

The other option is to involve the people at the local air soft / mil re-enactors club. I have a semi-concept involving open space and soldiers. That sort of resource (including a working armored Vehical) is pretty much invaluable when (like me) everything is on a zero budget.

The final option is to create something from scratch… something different….but what?



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