it never rains but it pours…

umbrella manAfter a long period without any projects, suddenly I have three needing attention. First up we have the 2nd Annual Onewhero Film competition.  Having cleaned up in this last year, the pressure will be on to create a short-film that capitulates the theme of “Big”.

Secondly I have the “Shot at the Moon” script which is in it’s 3rd draft and pretty much ready to shoot. The two cast are already sorted and it’s simply a matter of going ahead with green-screen, or waiting until better weather where filming can happen outdoors.

Last of all, I will be spending the next couple of days putting together a couple of scripts for short scenes that involve myself and another actor where the final product will be used in our respective showreels.

Actually a forth project, albeit not an AWP project, with a friends web series which could possibly involve me in a DOP/Sound/Editing role.

so… the adage is quite appropriate. Where did I put my umbrella?

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