Show-reel piece; The underground station.

I finally had the opportunity to put together a final edit of some footage I took a few weeks ago with a fellow actor before our class. We only had two hours to set up, rehearse and shoot and tidy up again. We had the added disadvantage of having to both act and crew the whole thing with just the two of us to fill all the roles. Not the best, but certainly fun making.

Any guesses as to where the dialogue came from? If you know the answer… your may well be showing your age!

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November 23, 2013 · 3:35 am

One response to “Show-reel piece; The underground station.

  1. Zee

    Can I show my age by Googling it? Hehe – that’s a show I’ve been recommended numerous times but haven’t got round to watching yet.

    As for the video – very mysterious. I like! Also, pretty tight considering such a limited time frame.

    Hope you’re well xx

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