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Another Wrap: “The Bigger Things”

It’s been a few years since I penned the script that would become ‘The Bigger Things’. It began as a simple idea around a man’s monologue about his lost imagination as he looks up at the moon. It’s original working title was to have been ‘A shot at the moon’ which ended up in the short film as a line of dialogue anyhow.

Over several drafts, it became evident that the man would be sharing his thoughts with his child, in hope that they might learn from his experience. Therein lay the first barrier; child actors are difficult to come by, especially at a level to pull of a convincingly thought provoking performance.


Thus the script was shelved until one weekend when I was working on a short film with a young Scarlett and her Mother, Kay. It quickly dawned on me that this could be the daughter that the script needed. Even better, after a short discussion regarding the script, both were keen to get on board.

The next several months were busy both planning the project as well as juggling other parts and the day job too. Finally, on a wet and unpredictable night we all arrived on set and with fingers crossed, began the shoot.

How did it turn out? Young Scarlet put on a fantastic performance as usual. Apart from a few issues with poor weather and timing, everything seemed to go extremely well!

Well… my opinion is clearly biased, and no one else has seen it yet. The first screening will be at the Onewhero Theater where it will have a six evening run, the Saturday of which will be the grand red carpet event. If you have an evening free, come and see it!


Ticket Sales
Onewhero Film Festival 2013

River Traders (09) 236 8875

OSPA Theatre: 24 Hall Road, Onewhero, A twenty minute drive from Pukekohe


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it never rains but it pours…

umbrella manAfter a long period without any projects, suddenly I have three needing attention. First up we have the 2nd Annual Onewhero Film competition. ┬áHaving cleaned up in this last year, the pressure will be on to create a short-film that capitulates the theme of “Big”.

Secondly I have the “Shot at the Moon” script which is in it’s 3rd draft and pretty much ready to shoot. The two cast are already sorted and it’s simply a matter of going ahead with green-screen, or waiting until better weather where filming can happen outdoors.

Last of all, I will be spending the next couple of days putting together a couple of scripts for short scenes that involve myself and another actor where the final product will be used in our respective showreels.

Actually a forth project, albeit not an AWP project, with a friends web series which could possibly involve me in a DOP/Sound/Editing role.

so… the adage is quite appropriate. Where did I put my umbrella?

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“Puppetry of the Sleepless” – 48 hour film

Our team was called ‘Bigger on the inside’ and this was our film.

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June 8, 2013 · 11:41 pm

The 48 hour film competition

It was that time of the year and during one of my stints on a shortfilm (actually a fan feature film) I met a couple of people who were putting together a team to enter. My own efforts in the 2011 competition had not been one of my finer moments, but I was determined to join in with the mind to having fun, regardless of how stressful the experience became.
What a wonderful surprise the weekend had in store. By virtue of physical appearance and age, I landed the main role of a father who was teetering between sane and suicidal. Alongside a a talented cast of actors and a magical editing team, we went on to create a fairly good end film. I can see several clips going straight into my personal showreel.
And the added bonus, already new projects with this team in the works…


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